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the monome 40h is a reconfigurable grid of sixty-four backlit buttons.

buttons can be configured as toggles, radio groupings, sliders, or organized into more sophisticated systems to monitor and trigger sample playback positions, stream 1-bit video, interact with dynamic physical models, and play games. button press and visual indication are decoupled by design: the correlation is established by each application.

applications span all forms of media and data. the 40h uses usb and talks serial, midi, and open sound control.

all software and firmware is open source. we aim to facilitate a community of shared exploration...

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a new application for grids with computers and grids with aleph soundcomputers. meadowphysics is a tangled cascade counter with rapid tactile rule changing. it makes emergent rhythms, melodies, layers of chords and parameter changes. it can be configured simply to act like flin or incomprehensibly to create long duration ever-changing cycles. meadowphysics takes great advantage of the new variable-brightness grids, which are availalbe now for ordering and will ship in the coming weeks. and! welcome the new aleph drum synth module.

a record label emerging from of the monome community presents its first release! from the site: “The Leap is a record label, podcast and event based in Boston, MA and Santa Fe, NM. Founded by Adam Ribaudo (Boston) and Frank Rose (Santa Fe), The Leap features electronic music artists in monthly releases, a semi-monthly event in Boston and a podcast of said event. The Leap showcases emerging artists taking risks and contributing new ideas that stand out in what?s become a sea of electronic music.” check it out! leap

interview with randy jones
randy jones is a musician and instrument builder whose work i’ve long admired. his designs exemplify vision, invention, and integrity in equal measure, brimming with care and a thoughtfulness that reveals the human behind the technology. he’s created an astonishing new sound palette with kaivo, designed an interface with the soundplane and still manages to find time to expertly control the dance floor with these machines and a microphone.   i. Instrument, Utensil, Implement, Machine, or Apparatus? which? why? where? if you had to choose just one preindustrial tool, which … continue reading,,.

trent gill (galapagoose) performs ssensse using mlrv and the new application mesh which records live gestures into a large number of banks, allowing instant replay of past selves layered one upon another.

monome sum
monome sum is a new grid-based multi-instrument. it’s a collection of several favorites combined to work well together. all sounds are generated with the use of the built in synth, effects, presets and included samples. free. open-source. much more music at

aleph hardware source
full aleph schematics, board files, and bill of materials are now available. open source.

words for c74
some thoughts about making things are now up in the form of a mini-interview for cycling74. also check out jad abumrad’s setup at wired.

cutting in puredata
japanese musician shingo sasahara seen here creating tumbling piano textures using an mlr variant with which i’m unfamiliar.

interview with morgan packard
morgan packard has a creative-technical process that explores participation, cooperation and group dynamics. his audience-guided compositions, collective built environments and immersive pattern-exploration instruments invite thoughtful engagement. his music exudes deep technical proficiency. think sonic robots, wandering dialog, and the impulsive changing of subjects- an ordered chaos that exemplifies a rigor, informed by jazz and classical studies. listen closely!   i. Instrument, Utensil, Implement, Machine, or Apparatus? which? why? where? if you had to choose just one preindustrial tool, which would it be? This is such an open-ended question I think … continue reading,,.

interview with ro
robbie crabtree synthesizes prismatic nostalgia and futuristic melodies both in music and architecture– conscious of what came before yet looking to the horizon ahead, enthusiastically delving into new adventures, falling off skateboards, climbing entire mountain ranges, low-dancing at the funk club, building with cut up dinosaurs and piles of woodchips. robbie is also “ok” at table tennis. he’s taken the family trohpy a few times. i’m still trying.   i. Instrument, Utensil, Implement, Machine, or Apparatus? which? why? where? if you had to choose just one preindustrial tool, which would … continue reading,,.

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